SecurityHow to stop email spams?

    How to stop email spams?

    Most of you might be facing the problem of email spamming where the random emails from a bunch of unknown email addresses pop up in your inbox.

    The most probable reason for this are:

    • The data breach of a website where you have registered.
    • Registering on a malicious website which spams your inbox.

    Here’s a quick and easy solution for that,

    You can use “[email protected]” to register for the website, remember to use your original email address in place of “example”. You can replace “anything” with the website name on which you are registering.

    You will still receive all emails from that website on the “[email protected]”. In this way you would be able to track from which email address you have received email in your inbox and will be able to block it for stopping spam.

    Still unclear?

    Let’s take an example,

    I want to register on website,

    I would enter my email address “[email protected]

    The Facebook will now send me a confirmation email on “[email protected]

    I will receive the confirmation email on “[email protected]

    Let’s assume, Facebook’s data got breached (assumption only)

    I would receive spam emails with email address “[email protected]” in my inbox.

    Now, I have an option to block emails from “[email protected]”.

    The spammers won’t get your original email address to spam your inbox as you will always have a track of the email on which you are being spammed on to take further action.

    This way, you can also enjoy unlimited emails without making multiple accounts by using anything after “+” sign and have a managed inbox.

    Important Note:

    • You should use your original email address on the banking websites or e-commerce website so that they can easily understand your identity in case you send a support request email.
    • While majority websites allow to use email aliasing (using + sign), but a few websites may have restrictions on it.

    Stay Safe!



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